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New Beginnings!

Hi!  Let me introduce myself  🙂

Well I’m Lucy, a proud mom of a little boy called Max, I love the colour red, shoes, nice dresses and punk music. I also love photography; so much so that I have a degree in it and pretty much everything I’ve done since I was 17 has involved photography in one way or another!

If becoming a mom wasn’t exciting enough, Ive decided to do something Ive wanted to do for a long time; set up my own bespoke photography service. Photography as a whole can be so rigid! People hire a photographer for a wedding or an engagement shoot or maybe studio photos of the kids, but that’s it? What a shame you cant have a photographer there to capture a birthday party, or day out to the zoo, or picnic in the park, days when the kids are naturally happy and relaxed, days you remember for years to come. Well now you can! With my new photography service I plan to create ‘photoexperiences’. Yes you can hire me to come with you to the zoo or that picnic in the park, or pop round when the kids are playing happily in the garden and I’ll take pictures you will have great memories of for years to come.

I’m taking photos of moms and babies at the Merry Hill Centre on Tuesday 29th March (tomorrow) as part of the Mothers Day celebrations in Eat Central for free as part of my launch so why not pop down and see me. I will be giving away a free photoshoot, discounts, and lots of lovely gift bags too! Hope to see you all tomorrow!! In the meantime please check out my website for more information.


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