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Riding your Horse to Prom?

I thought I would jump on and do a quick write up on this subject as we are about to enter prom season in the UK. Arriving at Prom on your horse or pony is a dream come true for most equestrians, some even have their dresses altered especially so they fit over their horses backs. Walking down the path to Prom, balmy warm summer evening on your best equine friend is literally the best feeling, I mean who doesn’t want to show off their dress AND their horse?

But this trend also comes with logistical nightmares. You now dont just have to get yourself ready, but a 500lb flight animal. So, how do people do it?

First of all, make sure your equine bestie is happy around flappy fabric. It seems an obvious point, but after photographing many girls in big dresses, I can tell you for a fact, some horses do NOT like fabric draped over their back end. If you don’t want to be yeeted through the front door, start desensitising your horse NOW.

Secondly, transport. How are you getting you AND your beloved horsey friend to prom?

Is it close enough to hack (probably not the best idea in heels), have you looked into which transporters are free? Make sure you have your pony’s passport to travel and you are using an insured, official person/company. Accidents can happen sadly, make sure if the worst happens then you are covered. There are some wonderful, insured and trusted transport companies, have a look at Claire from McKinley’s Transport, Helen from Helen Clarke’s Transport , Mark from Mark HD Transport or Megan from MPS Equine Services All offer a top quality service and are insured and well known transport companies. Transporting horses isn’t cheap, but thats because you are using a reputable company, with a higher cost comes a bigger guarantee of safety and them being insured correctly.

You will also need someone to take your horse home! Nominate a trusted friend or relative to travel back to your yard with your horse and get them back in your field. If your horse isn’t a fan of travelling or other people then this is also something to practice before the big night.

Getting your horse ready! You want your horse turned out as beautifully as you are. This can be so time consuming but there are so many Freelance Grooms that offer just this as a service. If grooming and bathing your horse is going to be a nightmare then consider hiring someone to do it for you. That way you can both be pampered- probably best not to give your horse false lashes though 🙂 Have a look at Emma Adams from Professional Turnout Services for top quality horse pampering.

Matchy matchy! There as SO many amazing companies and small business that make accessories to order. Brow bands, saddle pads, you name it, they do it. Why not accessorise your trusty steed with something that matches your dress for the best kind of matchy matchy. Check out Beaux Equestrian, as modelled in my images here. They do brow bands and neck ropes in all sorts of colours- perfect for accessorising with your own outfit.

And finally, PHOTOS!! Make sure you book a shoot in with me for after prom! You will wear your prom dress for one night and then either put it in storage or sell it on Vinted. Why not celebrate the heck out of it with a Prom Dress Mini shoot with me! I will be running some sessions again this year- sign up HERE, or alternatively book me for your yard – 3 or more participants required. Because we do them AFTER prom night, you dont have to worry about your dress getting ruined or dirty before your big night. You will never do anything like Prom ever again, why not make the most of it!

Please add anyone I’ve missed in the comments! Thank you to everyone that sent in recommendations for vendors 🙂

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