Angelfire Photography
About Me - Lucy in a field with her daughter.

Hi, I’m Lucy

I’m a mom of 2 humans, 2 horses, a dog called Betty, and the person behind Angelfire Photography.
I’ve been a full time portrait and wedding photographer for over 12 years, but a photographer for many years before that. I have a BA(Hons)Photography, been published worldwide and won some amazing awards, but none of that compares to the satisfaction I get from doing a job I’m so passionate about.

I’ve held many different job titles in the industry, births, bumps, newborns, toddlers, weddings, I’ve photographed them all, but as of 2023 I needed a change. I decided to pack up my studio that I had for over 10 years to concentrate on the 2 areas of photography that I love the most. Horses and Families.

As a horse girl at heart the pull to equine photography was just too strong to ignore! Now I get to combine my decades of knowledge of light and composition, with my love of horses and photography. The results are dramatic, soulful, bespoke portraits between you and your best friend.

As a mom, I just couldn’t give up my love of family photography. Nothing beats running around the woods with families and making photo sessions fun. I tried to give it up but I just couldn’t! Theres something about creating legacy portraits for parents to pass down to their children that just makes this so worthwhile.

So this is me! I look forward to meeting you in the not too distant future.

Angelfire Photography specialises in specialises in family, equestrian, horse, fine art, black background and bespoke equine photography on location in the West Midlands, England and surrounding areas including but not limited to Stourbridge and Birmingham.