I’m pregnant, when do I book a maternity session?


Maternity sessions are best booked for the very end of your second trimester to the middle of your 3rd trimester depending on how big your bump is. You still want to move around without any discomfort whilst having a decent sized bump for the finished photos.


What if I haven’t had the baby by my due date?

Newborn sessions are a little bit different to book for as I’m fully aware they only come when they are ready (my son had to be induced eventually!). I advise parents to book their newborn session as far in advance as possible once they have their due date. I then keep session dates free for you around that time and ask you to give me a call ASAP after your little one arrives to confirm the date. I ideally do newborn sessions in the first 14 days and no later than 3 weeks after they are born, as after this they’re a lot less sleepy and willing to be posed.


How do I book a photo session for my older children?

Under and over 12 month sessions can be booked for whenever suits you best. I do work weekends and evenings as well as weekdays although please be aware that I’m currently booked-up for around 2-3 months in advance, so if you have a specific date in mind, please get in touch sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. I do very occasionally have cancellations due to illness, so it’s always worth checking to see if I’m available.


So how do I book a session then?

Very simply you can email me at, call me on 07917 152021 or use the contact form on my contact page. Let me know which session you want to book, where you are in the country and what date you are looking for.

Yay I’ve booked my session! What happens now?

Once you are booked with me I will send you a confirmation letter in the post outlining the date, time and chosen location for the session. All you need to do then is decide what you want your little ones to wear!

Do I need to do anything in preparation for the session?

If you’re having a session in the studio you just need to bring yourselves. I have toys, changing facilities, somewhere to warm milk or food and plenty of snack, juice, tea and coffee.

If you’re booking a newborn session then I will post/email you an additional prep packet with further instructions about the session in once your little one is safely here and we have a date for your shoot. The studio will be extremely warm for newborn sessions so make sure you don’t come in woolly jumpers!

If you’re booking a session on location then you don’t need to do anything beforehand except decide what to wear!

But what should we dress the children in?

For newborn sessions I ask that we photograph your baby either in their nappy or preferably completley naked. Most parents are worried the babies may wee or poo on the props and blankets but I’m honestly used to it, everything is washed and/or sterilized before a shoot and its really not a problem. If you follow the feeding instructions above then they dont normally poo during the session, its normally right at the end! If you arent comfortable with your baby being completly naked thats not a problem, I have all sorts of wraps and covers to hide their nappies that match my backdrops, I know that naked baby photos arent everyones cup of tea!

For children under 12 months (who are having a session in the studio), again I normally photograph them just in their nappies, but if you have a special outfit you want them to wear thats not a problem. Again I have lots of little props and wraps to cover up nappies that can be co-ordinated with the backdrops I have.

For sessions on location then I leave it up to you as parents to decide. All I ask is that the clothes that they wear reflect their personality. If your little girl spends all her waking hours in a tutu, then let her wear it to the session. It will be more distracting for them to be put in clothes they are uncomfortable in and keep trying to take off or adjust. Obviously if the photo session we are doing is on location for example, in the woods and we have had torrential rain, then I would advise you to bring appropriate footwear for them, even if its just to walk to the spot where we take the photos. If you are in any doubt then just speak to me beforehand, I quite often have parents text me photos of their childrens outfits before the shoot as they’re unsure on what will look best, and I dont mind at all.

It’s the day before my shoot and the weather is going to be awful, what do we do?

If the weather forecast is looking grim for an outdoor photo session don’t panic. I will wait till the actual day of the session before deciding whether we should re-schedule or not. With the wonderful British weather being so unpredictable, things like this happen sometimes, its not a problem, we can just re-schedule the session for another day. Again, if there’s any doubt please just get in touch.

I have more questions what do I do?

Call me on 07917 152021 or email me at and I will do my best to answer them for you.