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New beginnings and goodbye for nows…

Well, hi everyone! Long time no speak? Not really the blog post I ever thought I would write, but Angelfire Photography; newborn, maternity, studio and wedding photographer is no more! I’m done. My studio has shut down (bar one last newborn session), most of my props, outfits and wraps have now been sold and I’ve stopped booking people in to the studio. Covid really was the nail in my studio business coffin, and as hard as I’ve tried I’ve never really recovered from being forced to have a massive break in clients.

As all small business owners know, you keep moving or you crash and burn. The lack of bookings in the studio forced me outside again and I found a real love for equine photography. Its developed almost into a bit of an obsession and has pulled my business (and me), through so really dark times. So instead of giving up everything, I’m just giving up the studio and focussing (excuse the pun!), on the areas of photography I love the most. I am SO excited to launch this new element to my business!

I will be providing very unique equine portraiture, including sessions on location, black background and most exciting, Fine Art sessions! The Fine Art sessions are so very different to anything I’ve seen anyone else do yet and I’ve already got quite few bookings for them. You can find more information on my website here but as always please just get in touch with any questions.

I also couldn’t quite give up my love of family photography so for now I will be continuing with outdoor sessions. The umbrella of family sessions will cover generational portraits, big families, small families, furry families (I love it when clients bring their dogs!), and growing families with maternity bumps or new additions. I have some spaces left for the remainder of the year but really not that many so please get in touch if you are looking for your family photos.

I’ve also decided to go back to selling wall art rather than digital images. There is a digital package for people that prefer it, but as computer companies have now removed USB ports from computers, it’s a good reminder that being able to view your images with the technology you have isn’t always easy.

For me the push to returning to wall art was thinking about what legacy I want to leave for my clients? In 50 years time, I want your grandchildren to be holding a portrait of you or see it hanging on a wall, rather than a USB stick that they can no longer view the images through, and thats given me the push to go back to where I started with what I offer.

If you’ve made it to the end of this ramble well done!! Thank you so much to every single client from the last 12, almost 13 years that helped make my dream of owning a business a reality. I really did do a happy dance at every sale and every booking and every precious memory I got to capture for you, thank you for believing in me.

For now though its not a complete goodbye, more of a see you later in a slightly different way <)

Lucy xxx

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